India Taj Mahal


Taking a Taj Mahal tour is the highlight of any India itinerary. Often referred to as being the most beautiful building in the world, the Taj stands out among Agra’s haze like a beautiful mirage. The ornately carved archways, the stunning white marble pillars, and the lush green gardens on the banks of the Yamuna river are guaranteed to take the breath away from even the most hard-to-please travelers.


The Taj is India’s most famous monument and was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal who passed away during childbirth. It is not a temple or a palace, but a mausoleum. The Taj took years, and the assistance of 20,000 workers to build. Sadly, following its completion, the Shah was overthrown by his son, who sentenced him to living out the rest of his life in jail while gazing at his beloved creation out of his cell window in Agra. After passing away, the Shah was buried alongside Mumtaz in the Taj. Today, millions of people visit the Taj every year.

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